Lucas Waizner, BSc

Room 517

Already as a child I was very enthusiastic about nature and biology. So it was no surprise that I ended up studying biology, despite a few detours. Even though my interests are wide-ranging, I was particularly interested in ecological and evolutionary biological issues during my bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in ecology was the next logical step, and since I also like to be in the mountains, Innsbruck is the ideal place to study.

In my master’s thesis I am working together with the Swiss Ornithological Institute and looking at the population genetics of the eagle owl population in the Engadin valley. I am investigating how this population has changed, whether pairs have remained constantly together, and whether they have remained faithful to their territories or have changed them. For this, I use feather samples collected over about 15 years.

Research topics
Conservation biology
Population genetics and genomics

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