Birgit C. Schlick-Steiner, Professor of Molecular Ecology (Head)
Expertise: molecular ecology

Florian M. Steiner, Associate Professor
Expertise: molecular ecology

Carina Heußler, Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: black soldier fly-rearing optimization, microbe-host interactions

Thomas Klammsteiner, Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: microbial resource management, microbial communities

Patrick Krapf,  Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: (ant) behaviour, molecular ecology

Julia Lanner,  Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: bees, molecular ecology

Markus H. Möst, Postdoctoral Fellow
Expertise: speciation and gene flow, molecular ecology

Armin Landmann, Affiliated Researcher
Expertise: alpine ecology, conservation biology

Julia Seeber, Affiliated Researcher
Expertise: soil ecology, statistics

Barbara Thaler-Knoflach, Affiliated Researcher
Expertise: behaviour, taxonomy

Simone Haas (Technical Assistant)

Alexa Nitzel (Technical Assistant)

Florian Reischer (Technical Assistant)

Elisabeth Katharina Zangerl (Technical Assistant)

Veronika Hierlmeier (PhD student)

Tania Holtzem (PhD student)

Marlene Haider (PhD student)

Davina Dietrich (MSc student)

Eva Enderle (MSc student)

Elisa Gemassmer (MSc student)

Loic Hellers (MSc student)

Kristin Lang (MSc student)

Julius Lissy (MSc student)

Emilie Matthes (MSc student)

Michael Mitschke (MSc student)

Kelly Penning (MSc student)

Marion Pranter (MSc student)

Andreas Rieder (MSc student)

Fabian Royer (MSc student)

Iris S. Schlick-Steiner (MSc student; currently abroad semester in Italy)

Julia S. Schlick-Steiner (MSc student)

Katharina Stonig (MSc student)

Linda Tekaat (MSc student)

Nicole Völker (MSc student)

Eva Wahl (MSc student)

Lucas Waizner (MSc student)

Elisabeth Weninger (MSc student)

Gerhard Aigner (MSc Student)
Victoria Als (MSc Student)
Wolfgang Arthofer (Assistant Professor)
Pauline Bühler (MSc student)
Francesco Cicconardi (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Marie-Luise Contala (MSc student)
Alice Czarnowsky (MSc Student)
Milan Danilovic (MSc Student)
Thomas Dejaco (PhD Student, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Matsapume Detcharoen (PhD Student, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Christoph Eberl (Diploma Student)
Nina Feistmantl (MSc student)
Stefanie Fischnaller (MSc Student)
Sylvia Flucher (MSc student)
Alexander Gamisch (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Melitta Gassner (MSc Student)
Florian Glaser (PhD Student)
Raphael Gronauer (MSc Student)
Cornelia Gufler (Diploma Student)
Sabrina Gurten (MSc student)
Nadine Hochenegger (MSc Student)
Thomas Jehle (MEd student)
Romana Lampl (MEd student)
Martin-Carl Kinzner (MSc Student, PhD Student)
Philipp Kirschner (PhD Student)
Molinia Landmann (MSc student)
Jasmin Marth (Diploma Student)
Lorenz Pepe Mindt (MSc student)
Martina Nindl (Diploma Student)
Noel Orou (MSc student)
Thomas Peham (PhD student)
Stefanie Pfeifenberger (MSc Student)
Katharina Platzdasch (MSc student)
Zeng-Qiang Qian (PhD Student)
Hannes Rauch (MSc Student)
Anna Reichsöllner (Diploma Student)
Lukas Rinnhofer (MSc Student)
Hanna Rosinger (MSc Student)
Cornelia Röß (MSc student)
Lucia Russo (MSc Student)
Martin P. Schilling (Postdoctoral Fellow )
Valentin T. Schlenz (MSc student)
Klaus Sedfaoui (MSc student)
Brigitta Seifert (Diploma Student)
Marc Skubski (MSc student)
Michael Steinwandter (PhD Student)
Ramona Steixner (MSc student)
Raphael Strohmaier (MSc Student)
Nils Struck (MSc student)
Carolin Strutzmann (MSc student)
Melanie Thaler (MSc student)
Magdalena Tratter (MSc Student)
Michael Url (MSc Student)
Gregor Wachter (MSc Student, PhD student)
Herbert C. Wagner (PhD student)
Simon Weiland (MSc student)
Teresa Zeni (MSc student)

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