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🆕Review: "Larval chemical cues induce rapid changes in foraging preferences of ant workers (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)"; in this interview, Eva Schultner talks about the new study by Jalen D. Dunn et al. published in Myrmecological News.
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Salvatore Brunetti, MSc

Room I am doing a PhD in the working group of Molecular Ecology at Innsbruck University. While I am generally fascinated by the diversity...


Johanna Beirer, BEd

Room 514 I was born and raised in Pflach, Tyrol and moved to Innsbruck in 2017 for my studies. After a little detour into...


Madeléne Vaessen, BSc

Room 513 After having finished my bachelor’s degree at the University of Vienna, I moved to Innsbruck in September 2021. I love spending time...


Emilie Matthes, BSc

Room 511 I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Ecology and Biodiversity, a seamless progression following the completion of my Bachelor’s degree, also...