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4 days ago
A permanent technician position (35 h/week) is available! Come join our group in Innsbruck/Austria in the middle of the Alps. Please find the details in the job advertisement (in German) & apply if you are interested:
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1 month ago
" #Bee #extinction: Why we're #saving the wrong bees"
Check out a short film with our graduate student Sabrina Gurten:

A message that needs be embraced by the broad public and beyond!

[Also available from this Alumni page:]
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2 months ago
Successful online MSc defence by Teresa Zeni @Mol_Ecol @uniinnsbruck on long-term #GeneticMonitoring of #WesternCapercaillie.

Congrats to you, MSc Teresa, and thanks to examiners Julia Seeber and Peter Schönswetter!

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3 months ago
protectBats – new #Interreg project @uniinnsbruck!

We aim to identify how #PersistentOrganicPollutants and #HeavyMetals relate to historical extinctions of the #LesserHorseshoeBat and what we can learn for the future.

@interreg_eu #conservation #bats
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Valentin T. Schlenz, BSc Following my lifelong fascination for nature, I did my bachelor’s degree in Biology in Innsbruck, after which I decided to continue my studies into...


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Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Armin Landmann / My research has a focus on conservation, community and population ecology of vertebrates (mainly birds, amphibians) and selected insect groups (Odonata, Saltatoria)....


Carolin Strutzmann, BSc After finishing my Bachelor´s degree (Molecular Biology) in Graz, I decided I would like to combine my molecular background with environmental questions. Therefore, I...