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2 weeks ago
Successful Zoom MSc defence by Noel Orou @Mol_Ecol @uniinnsbruck on a new Messor #harvesterant species discovered and described using #integrativetaxonomy. Congrats to you, Noel, and thanks to board members Michael Bahn and Michael Traugott! #biodiversity #ecology #antresearch Mol_Ecol photo
3 weeks ago
#TeachingInPerson is unbeatable, but in a second #lockdown, we capitalise on #TeachingOnline @uniinnsbruck: bringing the #ecology and #behaviour of living animals to students’ homes using a digital stereo microscope in a web conference (and CO2 to slow down the quicker creatures) Mol_Ecol photo
3 weeks ago
Successful Zoom MSc defence by Molinia Landmann @Mol_Ecol @uniinnsbruck on the #ConservationGenetics of the super rare #damselfly Coenagrion hylas. Congrats to you, Molinia, and thanks to board members @birgit_sattler and Barbara Thaler-Knoflach! #WomenInSTEM #HabitatsDirective Mol_Ecol photo
1 month ago
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We look for 2 master students to analyse the effect of #PersistentOrganicPollutants on #RedWoodAnts and #BuryingBeetles, via #Chemical, #Morphometric, and #PopulationGenetic data.
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DM or molecular.ecology.innsbruck
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2 months ago
#Fieldteaching #biodiversity to #biology bachelor students in the pandemic @uniinnsbruck: particular appreciation by those who can participate; those in quarantine or at high risk catch up by watching the videos we grab.
#distantlearning #physicaldistancing #university #nature
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Florian Reischer

Room 530T +43 (0)512 507-51754 I completed my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician at the Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry in Innsbruck. After...


Thomas Jehle, BEd I am a master student at the University of Innsbruck, where I study biology, and geography and economics to become a teacher for secondary...


List of publications

2020 Cicconardi, F., Krapf, P., D’Annessa, I., Gamisch, A., Wagner, H.C., Nguyen, A.D., Economo, I., Mikheyev, A., Guenard, B., Grabherr, R., Arthofer, di Marino, D.,...


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We recruit two MSc students to do their master theses in ecotoxicology / conservation genetics. For details, see here: