Julia S. Schlick-Steiner, BSc

Currently abroad semester in Norway

Room 518

I am currently studying the master Ecology and Biodiversity in Innsbruck. As I am broadly interested in nature, I thoroughly enjoy the diverse courses on animals, plants, microorganisms, and their relationships with each other. At the moment, my focus is on wild bees, and I am fascinated by their diversity and biology in general. I am doing my master’s thesis together with Fabian Royer, and our research lies in the area of tension between the domesticated honey bee (Apis mellifera) and the many and partly endangered wild bee species. We want to find out if a transmission of pathogens from honey bees to wild bees takes place. For this, we sampled wild bees (Andrena vaga, A. hattorfiana, Osmia cornuta, and bumble bees) and honey bees in Innsbruck (from the bottom to partly mountain tops 😊) and surroundings. We will examine the microbiome of the bees (bacteria and viruses) and hope to answer some of our questions.

Research topics
Conservation biology
Microbiome research
Pollination ecology

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