Loïc Hellers, BSc


I am a student at the University of Innsbruck, where I study ecology and biodiversity. For my master thesis, I am investigating the abundance of wild bees in two different land-use types, Buntbrachen (flowered fallows, a type of ecological compensation area)and Magere Flachland Mähwiesen – FFH 6510 (lowland hay meadows on poor soils that are included in Annex I of the EU’s Habitat Directive). Wild bees are the relatives of the domesticated honey bee Apis mellifera, which, in contrast to its wild relatives, is not an endangered species. These Buntbrachen were originally created to support the abundance of endangered mammal and bird species, that is, not specifically for wild bees. The aim of my research is to determine the abundance of wild bee species in my study region in Frisingen, Luxemburg, and the differences between the sample sites Buntbrache and Magere Flachland Mähwiesen – FFH 6510.

Research topics
Nature conservation
Wildlife monitoring

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