Victoria Als, MSc

Room 530
T +43 (0)512 507-51756

I have long been fascinated by symbioses and the mechanisms underlying these multifaceted interactions. After also finding a passion for ants while working on my Master’s thesis, where I investigated the foraging behavior and social structure of the Australian bull ant Myrmecia nigriceps, I am happy to ultimately combine these interests of mine for my PhD project.

Currently, I am investigating ant-fungi mutualism in the ant Lasius fuliginosus. This species builds nests in hollow trees by constructing a cardboard-like nest structure, which is stabilized by nourishing fungi with a mixture of shredded wood and honeydew.

In my PhD project, I will conduct various assays and analyses on the microbiome and the symbiotic interactions of L. fuliginosus and their fungi.

Research topics
Ecology and evolution of symbioses
Population genetics and genomics

Other interests

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