Valentin T. Schlenz, BSc

Following my lifelong fascination for nature, I did my bachelor’s degree in Biology in Innsbruck, after which I decided to continue my studies into larger-scale ecosystem interactions as a master student of Ecology and Biodiversity. My core interest as of now lies on the process of extinction and the adaptation of life to the everchanging environmental pressures.

I am doing my master thesis within the INTERREG-A-project “protectAlps”, for which I search for genetic signs of inbreeding in alpine specimens of Formica exsecta and Formica aquilonia as a part of the PhD thesis project of Veronika Hierlmeier. The aim of this is to determine the role persistent organic pollutants (POPs) play in the light of the ongoing ecosystem crisis and the implicit and alarming decline of insect numbers.

Research topics
Population genetics and genomics
Environmental chemistry

Other interests
Conservation biology

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