Romana Lampl, BEd

Room 513

I am currently studying for a master’s degree in education in Innsbruck. My two teaching subjects are biology and chemistry with a greater passion for biology. My bachelor thesis dealt with the occurrence of the ant species Lasius fuliginosus in the district of Reutte (Tyrol). In my master thesis, I am again dealing with this ant. Using microsatellites as genetic markers, I’ll be analyzing the relationship between nests in multiple populations in Austria. Furthermore, I’ll assess the number of queens (polygyny / monogyny) and mates (polyandry / monoandry) per colony. Lastly, I want to find out if there is a correlation between the altitudinal transects and the relatedness of the ants. I am already looking forward to the answers to my questions.

Research topics
Population genetics and genomics
Speciation and gene flow

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