Pauline Bühler, B.Eng.

I am a master student of Ecology and Biodiversity at the University of Innsbruck, and I am passionate about natural conservation measures and their effects on biodiversity. I developed this interest during my bachelor program on landscape architecture and planning in Freising, Germany, where I implemented a monitoring system for solitary bees in urban areas as my bachelor thesis.

I am convinced that for conservation measures to be effective, gathering knowledge on the interlinkages of the ecological system is essential. For many insects, the decrease in biodiversity is well-documented, and the main drivers of this phenomenon are considered to be the loss of habitat, changing climate conditions, and the excessive use of pesticides. Therefore, in my master thesis, I investigate the effects of land management, landscape structures, and flowering colors on the abundance and the diversity of solitary bees in the valley of the Inn. 

Research topics
Conservation biology
Climate-change biology

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