Marie-Luise Contala, BSc

Room 513

Currently, I’m a student in the Master programs Zoology and Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Innsbruck. Two years ago, I did my Bachelor thesis in the Molecular Ecology Group about the behavioural analysis of inter- and intraspecific aggression in the alpine ant species Tetramorium alpestre. Since then and due to an internship and a field trip to Middle-/ South America, I’m eagerly interested in animal behaviour, especially that of social insects.
For my master thesis, we investigate behavioural syndromes to analyze the origin of the aggressive behaviour of T. alpestre. For this, we sample two different populations of T. alpestre (Tyrol and South Tyrol) I analyzed two years ago. Furthermore, we shall consider potential seasonal fluctuations in the various behavioural syndroms. Possible intraspecific variation of behavioural assays among populations will be dissected using microsatellite analysis to evaluate potential relations of behaviour and genetic variation.

Research topics
Life history
Population genetics and genomics
(Sexual) behaviour
Social organisation

Also interested in
Animal physiology
Molecular medicine
(Glacier)- limnology
Medical plants

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