Katharina Platzdasch, BSc


After my biology-bachelor in Munich, I decided to do a master in Ecology and Biodiversity in Innsbruck.

For my master thesis, I‘m focusing on colonization duration of bat roosts influenced by urbanization. Some bat species, such as Pipistrellus pipistrellus and Myotis mystacinus, live behind shutters or wooden paneling on buildings. Again and again bat roosts are found orphaned after a few years – in some cases, because buildings got renovated, in other cases because the animals migrated spontaneously. I‘m quality-controlling and analysing an extensive data set of bat colonies in Bavaria, and I will also gain new data to evaluate how long these species use their roosts if no changes take place and how often these quarters are affected by renovations.

Research topics
Conservation biology
Wildlife monitoring
Urban ecology

Other interests
Environmental education

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