Dr. Julia Lanner

Room 511
T +43 (0)512 507-51770

My main research interests include entomological research topics, with a special emphasis on wild bees, molecular ecology, pollination networks, and invasion biology. During my PhD studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, I investigated the invasion history and population interconnectivity of the first potentially invasive wild bee in Europe, Megachile sculpturalis. Currently, I am a Post-Doc at the Department of Ecology at the working group of Molecular Ecology. I use integrative-taxonomical tools, population-genetic methods, morphometrics, and classical and participative monitoring approaches. Current projects aim to investigate the spatial ecology of bees in different landscapes.

I am passionate about science communication and nature conservation topics. I am a member of the Austrian wild bee consortium and the national citizen science community as project leader of BeeRadar (www.beeradar.info). For further details on my research, please contact me directly.

Research Topics
Biogeography and faunistics
Citizen science
Invasion biology
Population genetics and genomics

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